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Wisconsin Dells Area, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells Area real estate is regarded as a tight inventory market in Wisconsin for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Wisconsin Dells Area
    About Wisconsin Dells Area

    The Wisconsin Dells Area is the center of everything in Wisconsin. The area is within three hours of Madison, Wisconsin, and less than two hours from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Two of the busiest and most lively cities in Wisconsin.

    History of Wisconsin Dells

    In the 1700’s French Explorers used the region known as the “Dalles” of the Wisconsin River as a reference point. When the French left, the name was simplified to “Dells.” In 1857 the town was named Kilbourn City in honor of the railroad president. After years of locals referring to it as “Dells,” the name was officially changed to Wisconsin Dells in 1931.

    Wisconsin Dells is the oldest resort area in the state. The area has been known as a resort since 1856 when editor Alanson Holly Wrote an article stating, “We conclude that the wild, romantic scenery of the Dells will always make them a place of resort for seekers of pleasure.”

    The town has since kept its resort name, and visitors flock to this area every year for its beautiful scenery and fun.

    The Waterpark Capital of the World

    The Wisconsin Dells area is not lacking in fun and activities to do, especially if you are a lover of water parks. The area is home to more indoor and outdoor waterparks than anywhere else in the world.

    Wisconsin Dells is also known to have a fantastic food and bar scene. There are options for all types of food on every street, and the nightlife never ends.

    Shopping is also only a stone's throw away. Outlets at the Dells are home to over 40 clothing and accessory stores, with seven snack and novelty food stores.

    The Wisconsin Dell area has so much to offer any resident or visitor, with nonstop waterparks, shopping, and eating at every turn.

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