Tilden Millpond - Tilden


Tilden Millpond - Tilden, Wisconsin

Tilden Millpond - Tilden real estate is regarded as a beautiful, but lesser known, market in Wisconsin for lake homes and lake lots.

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    • Counties: Chippewa County
      About Tilden Millpond - Tilden
      Located in Chippewa County, Wisconsin

      Sitting at 48 acres in lake size with a maximum depth of 11 feet, Tilden Millpond is the perfect fishing reservoir. Find your place by Tilden Millpond today!

      Five miles from Tilden Millpond is the HSHS St. Joseph’s Hospital and about 14 miles away is the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport. Tilden Millpond is the ideal location for those looking to be close to town and all essential necessities of town while also being in a remote spot.

      Life on the Water

      Largemouth bass, panfish, northern pike, and trout populate Tilden Millpond year-round. Other than fishing, the reservoir is excellent for calming water activities like partaking in kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding.

      Enjoy a morning sunrise or an evening sunset and embrace the amazing wildlife and nature. Take a stroll around the millpond, have a picnic, or even hammock and read a book by the millpond.

      What’s Nearby

      The Irvine Park Zoo is less than five miles from Tilden Millpond, a lovely 318-acre park with plenty of animals as well as a petting zoo.

      Big Falls County Park is 25 miles from the millpond and is a sprawling park with stunning waterfalls, sandy beaches, and more- perfect for scenic walking, biking, and hot summer days on the beach.

      Local favorite family-style restaurants include Chippewa Family Restaurant and Heckel’s Family Restaurant for their easy diner eats like burgers, sandwiches, and more. Monk’s Bar & Grill is a local hot spot for its cheese curds and delicious cocktails.

      Why Tilden Millpond?

      Tilden Millpond is a simple reservoir, an ideal escape for Wisconsin natives!