Deep Hole Lake


Deep Hole Lake, Wisconsin

The Deep Hole Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Forest County
    About Deep Hole Lake
    Located in Forest County, Wisconsin

    This 95-acre-sized lake holding a maximum depth of 15 feet, is the place to be. Deep Hole Lake has a natural beauty that you will not want to miss out on.

    The closest hospital to Deep Hole Lake is the Wausau Hospital, a short six miles from the lake. The nearest main airport is about 38 miles from the lake, the Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport. There are several small airports surrounding the lake as well, making Deep Hole Lake a suitable choice for travel.

    Life on the Water

    Common fish to catch at Deep Hole Lake include panfish and walleye, there’s always an abundant amount at the lake.

    Locals thoroughly enjoy fishing, canoeing, and kayaking at Deep Hole Lake. The calmness of the lake brings true peace and tranquility to those who visit or live there.

    What’s Nearby

    About 17 miles from the lake, you can visit the Kovac Planetarium- a planetarium. With a combination of technology, artistry, and astronomical knowledge. The Pirates Hideaway is a bit of a drive, about an hour away; however, it is a perfect option for both young and old.

    The Pirates Hideaway takes you on a pirate-themed sunset cruise through the chain of lakes and serves food. Definitely try out their wood-fired pizza. Both tourist attractions are a little different than usual as they’re family-owned- support locals!

    Yeti’s Drive-In is the perfect summer family restaurant right by the lake, about twelve miles from the lake. Get a true Wisconsin experience and try their cheese curds. Charlie’s Lake Metonga Resort Restaurant is about nine miles from the lake and has good service, good food, and drinks, as well as a lovely scenic view- it’s a hidden gem of a restaurant.

    Why Deep Hole Lake?

    Deep Hole Lake won’t put your pocket in a hole. The simplicity and calmness of the lake are something you simply can’t beat!