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Other than Lake Minnetonka, there is nowhere in Minnesota that is as well known for high valued lake homes like Gull Lake and the Nisswa Area. This is where those who can afford the best lake properties for their weekend vacations choose the ones they want, and where price is less of a factor than finding the ideal setting.

The Gull Lake Chain is highly regarded as one of the best water playgrounds in the state. With about 10,000 acres of boating pleasure, you'll find plenty of watercraft that cost more than the lake homes they are driving past. And with some of Minnesota's finest resorts resting on the prime shores of Gull Lake, such as Madden's, Cragun's and Grand View Lodge, even those who don't own lakeshore real estate here can feel like they do!

Just to the north of Gull Lake lies Nisswa, with a wide variety of businesses heavily influenced by the surrounding lakes and their summer residents. All along Highway 371 from Baxter to Nisswa, hundreds of restaurants and service related companies line the road hoping to grab the attention of this desirable clientele. And in downtown Nisswa specialty shops inhabit both sides of the street, giving visitors the ability to browse at their own pace past the unique inventories.

As you travel north a few more miles, the community of Pequot Lakes awaits you on the shores of Sibley Lake. Although still a popular lake and shopping destination for tourists and vacationers, it is a self-contained community with its own school system and core base of businesses. Here, you are just west of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes and Breezy Point, which helps draw customers to the downtown shops and restaurants from lake cabin owners there.

Besides Gull Lake, there are many other lakes, both large and small throughout the Nisswa and Pequot Lakes Area. Round Lake, Lake Hubert and the Cullen Lake Chain are some of the largest, and offer lakeshore real estate of all vintages-from eclectic cabins of yesteryear to mesmerizing modern log homes. To find out more about lake homes and cabins for sale throughout the area, contact any of our local real estate specialists.


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