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Shoal Lake - Northeast Itasca


Shoal Lake - Northeast Itasca, Minnesota

Shoal Lake - Northeast Itasca real estate is regarded as a beautiful, but lesser known, market in Minnesota for lake homes and lake lots.

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  • 4Mi. of Shoreline
  • 77Deepest Depth
  • Ownership
  • Acreage
  • Water Level
    Full Pool Year Round
  • Counties: Itasca County
  • Fish: Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye
  • Permit is not required to use the lake.
  • Jet skis are allowed.
  • Motorized boats are allowed.
  • Houseboats are not allowed.
  • Boating restrictions (No).
  • Dock restrictions (No).
(218) 326-3401
1601 Golf Course Rd, Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport
1500 SE 7th Ave, Grand Rapids, MN 55744
32 miles away
Gospel Ranch Airport - MN52
24159 Co Rd 16, Hibbing, MN 55746
30 miles away
    About Shoal Lake - Northeast Itasca
    Located in Itasca County, Minnesota

    Shoal Lake is a 265-acre lake located in Northeast Itasca, Minnesota. It is 95 miles northwest of Duluth and 204 miles north of Minneapolis.

    The closest location for emergency care is the Fairview Range Medical Center, 20 miles southeast. The Duluth International Airport is 89 miles southeast.

    Fun on the Water

    This large lake has a very tight-knit community that gathers together throughout the year for one reason: their love of this lake. It isn't hard to see why as the activities you can do here are limitless!

    Bring your pontoon and spend a day on the water or get a little waterskiing in. If you're more of a kayaking/canoeing fan, then don't fret, as that's popular here as well! Before you head out onto the water, make sure you grab a rod and reel! Anglers can expect to catch black crappie, bluegill, walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, bullhead.

    Visit Grand Rapids

    If you’re interested in learning the history of logging in this part of the state, head down to the Forest History Center. You can see a recreation of a white pine logging camp from 1900, listen to stories from loggers and forest service patrolmen from different eras, or get a bird’s eye view from a 100-foot fire tower.

    Follow the yellow brick road to the Judy Garland Museum, where you can get a glimpse at the world’s largest Judy Garland and Wizard of Oz collection, including the world-famous ruby-red slippers from the movie.

    If you’re getting hungry, you can check out the great restaurants that Grand Rapids has to offer, like Mitu Srilankan and Indian Cuisine, Donkey Taqueria, and Heritage Restaurant.

    Visit Duluth

    Duluth is the perfect spot for a weekend city getaway while still offering beautiful natural scenery.

    For an outdoor adventure off the water, visit any of the city's 23 parks. The Leif Erickson Park is one of the most popular, featuring a rose garden with 1,800 bushes. It is widely considered one of the best rose gardens in the state.

    Lake Superior Zoo offers a fun, family-friendly trip to see over 140 species in indoor and outdoor settings. The zoo also has a cafe, a gift shop, interactive visits, and behind-the-scenes tours.

    Looking to take a scenic drive? The North Shore Scenic Drive spans around 150 miles, following the shoreline of Lake Superior. It offers great photo opportunities, historic landmarks, and quaint shops along the way.

    When visitors get hungry, Duluth has something to satisfy every craving. Highly-rated options include Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse, Va Bene, New Scenic Cafe, and Vitta Pizza.

    Why Shoal Lake?

    If you're looking for a remote destination to escape from it all, you've found the perfect match in Shoal Lake!