Premier Agent Designation Awarded to 33 at Annual Summit

Thirty-three Lake Homes Realty agents were honored with a Premier Agent designation during the brokerage’s 2017 Agent Summit, held Oct. 17-20.

The designation was awarded to Big Wave and Aqua Award recipients from across eight states, and nearly 25 lake real estate markets.

“We are just so glad to see so many of our agents succeeding in their lake markets,” said Doris Phillips, COO of Lake Homes Realty. “Awarding them with these honors recognizes how hard they have all worked in the last year and what an asset they are to the Lake Homes team.”

Big Wave and Aqua Awards Explained

Lake Homes Realty’s Big Wave Award is presented to agents who have obtained a total transaction volume of at least $3.5 million up to, but not including, $10 million.

Winners of the Aqua Award are agents who have a total transaction volume of $10 million or more.

group of Lake Homes Realty Premier Agents
Nearly 100 Lake Homes Realty and visiting agents attended the 2017 Agent Summit. Of these agents, more than 30 received honors.

“Transaction volume, for the purposes of Lake Homes awards, is based on sale price independent of the sides represented,” explained Lake Homes Realty CEO, Glenn S. Phillips. “Further clarified, this means sale price apart from whether an agent represents a single side of the transaction, either the buyer or the seller side, or both sides.”

This transaction volume must be obtained within a 12-month evaluation period.

For 2017, this evaluation period was from Sept. 1, 2016 through Aug. 31, 2017.

Referral transactions are not included in determining the winners of company’s Big Wave and Aqua Awards.

Award Winning Agents

Aqua Award Winners for 2017:

Big Wave Award Winners for 2017:

LHR Premier Agents Benefits

The Aqua and Big Wave Awards, which are presented annually at the Lake Homes Realty Agent Summit, are two of the company’s most prestigious awards.

“In addition to being recognized for their outstanding effort, performance and dedication to Lake Homes, our agents also reach Premier Agent status as winners of these awards,” said Phillips. “With this designation, agents are able to market themselves as our company’s top earning lake-area real estate experts.”

These agents are some of Lake Homes Realty’s best ambassadors, characterizing the business as convenient, attentive, and passionate about finding its clients the lake-area homes they have always dreamed of.

With continued success and efforts of agents like those awarded Big Wave and Aqua honors, Lake Homes Realty remains the nation’s largest, lake-area real estate focused brokerage.




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