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Ely, Minnesota has been written about extensively as a Northern Minnesota gem. Positioned at the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness - and surrounded by lakes of all types - Ely has drawn people from across the United States to become residents here and create an eclectic community of hearty souls.

A short stroll down main street is all it takes to realize the uniqueness of this town. Distinctive shops filled with high quality and handmade goods are not your typical tourist traps. Specialty restaurants and coffee shops bring a relaxing atmosphere with outdoor seating in the midst of a busy downtown shopping district. Newcomers have been able to design their own lifestyles with original business ideas in a town flowing with visitors eager to open their wallets.

Waterfront real estate in Ely has become attractive for both seasonal and year-round homes and cabins. Its draw seems to be strongest with nature lovers and the so-called "Granola crowd." And although it has its share of luxury log homes, many who have moved here are more comfortable with the aged solitude only found in simpler homes and cabins from decades past.

Prices for lakeshore real estate here may sometimes seem like they are at a premium, but they are still far cheaper than markets like Brainerd or Alexandria... and it will be hard to find any area across the northern states that can match the uniqueness and tranquil nature of these dense forests and pristine lakes. Ely - and Babbit to its south - are right at the eastern edge of St. Louis County, so many area lakefront and recreational properties may be found over the border in Lake County.

There are so many lakes in the Ely and Babbit, Minnesota areas that every road leading to or from here constantly bends to get around them. Larger lakes like Burntside, Shagawa, Fall, White Iron, Bear Island, Birch and Snowbank Lake create a water filled corridor that essentially connects the Ely and Babbit regions, and these larger lakes also host the highest lakefront real estate prices. But there are some bargains to be had on smaller lakes from Isabella to the Echo Trail. And if you are looking for larger acreage or hunting land, there is an abundant supply available.

To find out more about real estate prices and availability throughout the Ely and Babbit areas, please contact us to help you with your needs.


  • Babbit
  • Ely
  • Winton


  • Armstrong Lake
  • Bear Head Lake
  • Bear Island Lake
  • Bear Island River
  • Big Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Blueberry Lake
  • Browns Lake
  • Burntside Lake
  • Burntside River
  • Butterfly Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Eagles Nest Lakes
  • Fall Lake
  • Farm Lake
  • Fenske Lake
  • Flash Lake
  • Garden Lake
  • Greenstone Lake
  • Hay Lake
  • Hegman Lake
  • Jasper Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • Kawashiwi River
  • Madden Lake
  • Mitchell Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Nels Lake
  • Ojibwe Lake
  • One Pine Lake
  • Parent Lake
  • Pickerel Lake
  • Robinson Lake
  • Shagawa Lake
  • Sim Lake
  • Snowbank Lake
  • Tofte Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • White Iron Lake

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