Cross Lake / Whitefish Chain, Minnesota

About the Area

For boating pleasure, the Whitefish Chain has it all. With at least 14 lakes to roam across (some say there are more), you will find everything from the most glamorous speedboats to tiny fishing vessels barely large enough to hold a full stringer. You can travel for miles, winding your way through bays and narrows, on this incredibly scenic journey.

The Cross Lake Area has become a playground for the wealthy, rivaling Gull Lake to its south. However, there are also a fair amount of year-round residents here who have made this beautiful area their home for many years. Idyllic properties, many of them still home to pleasant lake cabins and simpler waterfront homes from years past, adorn the shoreline - intermixed with their behemoth neighbors of a new generation. If you enjoy the pastime of viewing lakeshore real estate on a slow cruise, there isn't a better place to take up the sport.

The community of Cross Lake is a mix of interesting retail shops, service businesses, and a wide variety of fine eating establishments. You can enjoy a drink and a meal on one of the area lakefront decks while watching the boats go by, and there are still many resorts and lodging facilities along the shores that are happy to cater to those who don't own lake homes and cabins here.

The Whitefish Chain of Lakes is made up of Lower & Upper Whitefish Lake, Pig Lake, Lower Hay Lake, Pine Lake, Bertha Lake, Clamshell Lake, Hen Lake, Daggett Lake, Loon Lake, Cross Lake, Island Lake, Big Trout Lake, Rush Lake and Arrowhead Lake. Within just a few miles, you will find many more lakes in Ideal Corners, Manhattan Beach and Fifty Lakes, for those who enjoy smaller - and generally less expensive - water bodies, without quite as much traffic.

Our local real estate experts can answer all your questions about lakeshore and other properties for sale around the Cross Lake Area. They can also help you with information on resorts and lake rentals on the Whitefish Chain.


  • Cross Lake
  • Ideal Corners
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Swanburg


  • Adney Lake
  • Arrowhead Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Bertha Lake
  • Big Bird Lake
  • Big Trout Lake
  • Clamshell Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Daggett Lake
  • Duck Lake
  • Fawn Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Greer Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Kimball Lake
  • Little Ox Lake
  • Little Pine Lake
  • Lower Hay Lake
  • Lower Whitefish Lake
  • McClain Lake
  • Meyer Lake
  • Ossawinnamakee Lake
  • Ox Lake
  • Pig Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Rush Lake
  • Strawberry Lake
  • Tamarack Lake
  • Tiff Lake
  • Upper Hay Lake
  • Upper Whitefish Lake
  • Velvet Lake

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