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As you travel north from downtown Brainerd through the little resort town of Merrifield, squeezed between North Long Lake and Crystal Lake, you start to feel like this is an area made for fun. Still pretty laid back compared to some of the surrounding lake areas, the Breezy Point complex and community just seems like it is a place made to kick back and forget all your worries. And since it began nearly 100 years ago, that's exactly what people have done here!

During the 1920s, this amazing complex hosted some of the most famous motion picture stars of the time. As one of the largest resort facilities of its day, it was a favorite hangout for visitors from everywhere who wanted to partake in its unique ambianceā€¦and who could afford to. As real estate sales picked up over the years, the resort began offering timeshares and other waterfront properties to buyers who loved the Northern Minnesota atmosphere and enjoyed the ongoing activities.

Today, the Breezy Point Complex operates as its own community with an incredible selection of recreational opportunities. Along with its two 18-hole golf courses and marina, there are several eating and drinking establishments - and some with dockside dining and entertainment. You will find lakefront rentals for nearly any sized group, and fishing, skiing, swimming and sunbathing at its best to keep everyone happy. Set on the shores of beautiful Pelican Lake, those who have cabins on the lake can boat to the fun on this expansive 8,000 acre basin, with some of the clearest waters and finest beaches in Minnesota.

Although Breezy Point is the hub of this area, you will find many other gorgeous lakes within a mile or two of its shoreline. For those who would rather have a lake home where things are a little less energetic, the surrounding water bodies of Lake Edward, Upper and Lower Mission Lake, Bass Lake and Sandbar Lake provide prime lakeshore settings near the action.

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  • Breezy Point
  • Merrifield
  • Mission


  • Bass Lake
  • Bonnie Lake
  • Campbell Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Garden Lake
  • Guida Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • Lake Edward
  • Little Pelican Lake
  • Lougee Lake
  • Lower Mission Lake
  • Lynch Lake
  • Mollie Lake
  • Pelican Lake
  • Perch Lake
  • Sandbar Lake
  • Shaffer Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Sorenson Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Upper Mission Lake
  • Young Lake

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