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Just about a half hour past Forest Lake, Minnesota, leading away from the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area, you will cross a magnificent gorge of the St. Croix River known as the St. Croix Dalles. This breathtaking area sits between the river towns of Taylors Falls, Minnesota and St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and is home to the nation's first Interstate Park which dates back to 1895.

This area was originally settled more than 150 years ago, and many of the homes in the area carry an historical flavor dating back nearly that long ago. Each of the two communities has a downtown which borders the river, and draws visitors from across the world due to the natural surroundings.

Into Wisconsin just a few miles will bring you into a new land of lakes quite convenient to the more populated Minnesota side of the river. Commuting from here to the Twin Cities is common, and those that live on these lakes might feel as if they have the best of both worlds. After all, water bodies like Deer Lake, Balsam Lake, Bone Lake and Half Moon lake are some of the best in size and quality around the entire metro area, and Packer fans who work in the big city don't have far to go to enjoy those Sunday afternoon games!

The community of Balsam Lake sits on the southwest end of the lake bearing its name. It has the type of atmosphere you would expect in a small town that inhabits the banks of a popular lake, and it draws a good share of business from summer residents, visitors and cabin owners who enjoy the waterfront flavor it offers. Lake homes and cabins share the scenic lakeshore, some lived in permanently, and others as a quick getaway from the traffic to the southwest.

Traveling just to the north, you will find more large water bodies such as Half Moon Lake, Bone Lake and Big Round Lake. Also in the area, the community of Luck rests between the shores of Big Butternut Lake and Little Butternut Lake, and offers a fair share of businesses within its borders.

If you are looking for lake homes and cabins just outside the Minnesota border, the Balsam Lake and St. Croix Falls Area may be right for you. Please contact our real estate experts in the area for more information.


  • Balsam Lake
  • Centuria
  • Cushing
  • Luck
  • Milltown
  • St. Croix Falls


  • Alabama Lake
  • Antler Lake
  • Apple River
  • Balsam Lake
  • Bear Lake
  • Big Blake Lake
  • Big Butternut Lake
  • Big Round Lake
  • Bone Lake
  • Brusher Lake
  • Clara Lake
  • Deer Lake
  • East Lake
  • Elkins Lake
  • Freedom Lakes
  • Half Moon Lake
  • Herby Lake
  • Little Blake Lake
  • Little Butternut Lake
  • Little Pine Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Long Trade Lake
  • Loveless Lake
  • McKeith Lake
  • McKenzie Lake
  • Pickerel Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Poplar Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Sandhill Lake
  • St. Croix River
  • Straight Lake
  • Straight River
  • Tarbert Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Vincent Lake
  • Ward Lake
  • Wild Goose Lake
  • Wolf Lake

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