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Big Butternut Lake - Luck


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Big Butternut Lake - Luck, Wisconsin

The Big Butternut Lake - Luck real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Polk County
      About Big Butternut Lake - Luck
      Located in Polk County, Wisconsin

      Big Butternut Lake is only a mile away from Luck, Wisconsin. It is also close to the Amery Hospital & Clinic and the Amery Municipal Airport.

      Residents looking to go into town can visit the River Valley Shops and a variety of local restaurants, such as Bon Ton Tavern.

      A Good Sized Lake

      Spanning 384 acres and with a max depth of 19 feet, Big Butternut Lake has all the positives of a larger lake while still maintaining the cozy atmosphere of a smaller lake.

      Fun on the Water

      There is plenty for residents to do on Big Butternut Lake. Residents can swim or boat around the lake, and anglers will love the local populations of bass and pike.

      Visit Amazing Luck

      Those looking for fun off the water can visit the nearby town of Luck, WI. One popular attraction is the Tuff Enuf Ranch, where visitors can enjoy an exciting day of horseback riding.

      Another popular attraction is the Pike Hole Family Farm, where visitors can get a variety of fresh produce from local farmers.

      Fun and Relaxing

      Those looking for the perfect balance of fun and relaxation will love living on Big Butternut Lake.