Mckeith Lake - Laketown


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Mckeith Lake - Laketown, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Mckeith Lake - Laketown real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    • Counties: Polk County
      About Mckeith Lake - Laketown
      Located in Polk County, Wisconsin

      Right in the heart of Laketown, Wisconsin, you will find this gem of a lake sitting at 73 acres in lake size with a maximum depth of eight feet. McKeith Lake's natural beauty will take your breath away. Find your place at McKeith Lake today!

      The 24-hour Amery Hospital & Clinic is about 32 miles from the lake, while the nearest main airport is the Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport giving the remote lake the best of both worlds with a nearby big city and all essential necessities of town nearby.

      Life on the Water

      Panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike navigate McKeith Lake's calm and collected waters. McKeith Lake is most definitely a peaceful lake perfect for all things fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, and more.

      Locals love to wake up early and take in the breathtaking sunrises or settle down for the day with a sunset and book in one hand and a drink in the other. It's an excellent spot for bonfires with your close friends, casual lake parties, and picnic dates right on the lake.

      Explore Laketown

      Surrounding the lake, there are plenty of hiking trails to choose from. Walk or bike the trails of the Ice Age for easy to moderate trails and scenic views.

      The Franconia Sculpture Park is an arts organization with over 100 sculptures, contemporary pieces, and vendors. It's a must-see for all in Wisconsin.

      For tasty burgers and fair-priced drinks at a night crawl bar, definitely try out The Dug Out just a short five-minute drive from the lake.

      Red Maple Eatery is a hot spot for its brunch foods, such as hot cakes, biscuits, and gravy. You can't go wrong dining at the Red Maple Eatery.

      Chateau St. Croix Winery is just five miles from the lake and has an excellent selection of wine as well as charcuterie boards with stunning scenic views.

      Why McKeith Lake?

      McKeith Lake is a lake full of endless opportunities and natural beauty you simply can't beat.