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Salisbury Lake - Sampson, Wisconsin

Salisbury Lake - Sampson real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Wisconsin.

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      About Salisbury Lake - Sampson
      Located in Chippewa County, Wisconsin

      Salisbury Lake is an 80-acre lake located in Chippewa County. It has a maximum depth of 16 feet. This lake is located in the northwest region of Wisconsin.

      Life on the Water

      Fish found in this lake include panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike. Spend the day rowing a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard around the lake to get a vigorous workout.

      What's Nearby?

      Within a 30-minute drive of Salisbury Lake, there are a variety of beautiful hiking trails, parks, and other attractions. For entertainment, you can explore Obey Interpretive Center, Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area, or the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. Everybody can enjoy the activities in this lake area!

      There are 18 local restaurants within a 20-minute radius of the lake. A few of these restaurants include Red's Grill and Bar, Pokegama Lakeside Cantina, and Back 40 Dining & Cocktails.

      The closest golf course, Taylor's Amacoy Golf Club, is conveniently located 17 minutes from the lake. You can watch newly released films at Stardust Drive-in Movie Theater, located 27 minutes northwest of the lake.

      Shopping centers near the lake include Metsen Boutique (15 minutes), Kohl's (34 minutes), and many other local shops. Several grocery stores are within 30 minutes of the lake, but Shadick's is the most convenient location (16 minutes).

      Hospitals and Transportation

      Marshfield Medical Center - Ladysmith- is located 36 minutes from the lake and provides 24-hour service. The nearest major airport is Chippewa Valley Regional Airport, located 39 minutes from the lake.

      Experience Salisbury Lake - Sampson - WI

      This is your place if you value being surrounded by nature's peaceful spirit. Everyone is welcome to enjoy Salisbury Lake's wide range of exhilarating pursuits and magnificent vistas.