Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake


Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake, Wisconsin

Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake real estate is considered a limited supply market for lake homes and lake lots in Wisconsin.

Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $92,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    • Counties: Barron County
      About Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake
      Located in Barron County, Wisconsin

      Old Mill Pond is a two-acre lake located in Barron County. It has a maximum depth of nine feet. As of 2021, the population of Barron County is 46,719, a 2% increase from 2010.

      Life on the Water

      No fish have been recorded in this lake. Spend the day paddling a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard around the lake to get some exercise.

      What's Nearby?

      Other activities within a 30-minute drive of Old Mill Pond include scenic hiking trails, parks, and other attractions. You can visit the Western Terminus of the Ice Age Trail, Wilke Glen, and Cascade Falls, or FAWN-DOE-ROSA Wildlife Educational Park for entertainment. If you like being in the middle of nature, this is the place for you.

      There are 15 local restaurants within a 10-minute radius of the lake. Some of these restaurants include The New Frontier, Lake Country Pizza, Spare Time Bowl Bar & Grill, and Me-Ki-Noc Restaurant- St. Croix Casino.

      The closest golf course, Cumberland Golf Course, is conveniently located 16 minutes from the lake. West 28 minutes from the lake, you will find St Croix Falls Cinema, where you can watch newly released movies.

      Shopping centers near the lake include Glik's (33 minutes) and Kohl's (32 minutes). There are multiple grocery stores within 10 minutes of the lake, but the most convenient location is Iron Family Dollar (three minutes).

      Hospitals and Transportation

      Amery Hospital & Clinic- is located 25 minutes from the lake and provides 24-hour service. The nearest major airport is Rice Lake Regional Airport, located 25 minutes from the lake.

      Experience Old Mill Pond - Turtle Lake - WI

      If you value being surrounded by nature's peaceful spirit, this is the place for you. Everyone may enjoy the wide range of exciting activities and stunning vistas that Old Mill Pond has to offer.