Muskrat Lake - Rusk


Muskrat Lake - Rusk, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Muskrat Lake - Rusk real estate is a limited supply market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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      About Muskrat Lake - Rusk
      Located in Rusk County, Wisconsin

      Muskrat Lake is 29 acres and sits at a maximum depth of 22 feet. Muskrat Lake is a 45-minute drive from the middle of Eau Claire. Eau Claire has lots of things to do, including a university.

      Lake Life

      Due to the secluded nature of the lake, there are very few regulations in place. The lake follows the basic boating regulations for the state of Wisconsin. Fishing regulations include that those who are motor-trolling may only use three lures, hooks, or baits per angler. Catch and release for bass is allowed year-round.

      Common Fish for Muskrat Lake-Rusk are panfish and largemouth bass.

      What To Do

      While Muskrat County is a very small town, you can still find things to do within driving distance. Chetek River Campground has plenty of room for those that want to bring an RV or just a tent. The campground includes its own pool and golf course.

      You will have to drive down to Eau Claire for some more hands-on entertainment. The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire allows kids to be fully immersed in a world full of fun and learning. Water toys for the babies and fire stations for the toddlers, your child is guaranteed to be tired and ready to give you some alone time by the end of it.

      For those of you that have furry friends, there's something for you too. Auggie’s park is a dog dreamland just 13 minutes from Muskrat Lake. Fenced-in play areas allow your fur babies to get the necessary exercise, and obstacles keep them challenged for hours on end.

      Restaurants will also take a little bit of a drive over to a much busier side of time. But once you get there, there are plenty of options. Whether it's BBQ or Hamburgers, the food is sure to impress.

      Hospitals and Airports

      Spooner Health is 54 minutes from Muskrat Lake-Rusk and is open 24 hours. The nearest airport is Rice Lake Regional Airport in Cameron, Wisconsin, at a 25-minute drive.

      Experience Muskrat Lake-Rusk

      If you are looking for a home away from the craziness of life and just want some peace and quiet, Muskrat Lake could be your home.