Marsh-miller Lake - Bloomer


Marsh-miller Lake - Bloomer, Wisconsin

The Marsh-miller Lake - Bloomer real estate market is a limited supply marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Chippewa County
      About Marsh-miller Lake - Bloomer
      Located in Chippewa County, Wisconsin

      Marsh-Miller Lake is a 441-acre lake with a depth reaching 14 feet. The closest airport is the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (39 min), and the nearest hospitals are Oakland Surgical Hospital (35 min) and Sacred Heart Hospital (41 min).

      Life on the Lake

      The lake is large enough to host a variety of watersports, including swimming, fishing, boating, skiing, and canoeing. The area is also home to the natural area, Marsh Miller Cedars. Marsh Miller Cedars give residents access to other activities, like hiking, cross country skiing, and hunting. Prohibited activities are on the Wisconsin website Anglers can enjoy the chance to catch aquatic life such as panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike.

      What is Nearby

      There are various attractions in Chippewa County for fun off and on the lake, such as Nelson Park Farm (17 min), Jump River Sugarbush (23 min), and Cartwright Mill Historical Marker (20 min). After all the fun, residents can visit restaurants in the area, like Farmhouse Cafe & Gifts (14 min), Mainstreet Cafe (13 min), and Fatboy’s Pizza (13 min). Likewise, shoppers can enjoy nearby stores, including Kwik Trip (16 min), Redbox (15 min), and Carquest Auto Parts (15 min).

      Why Choose Marsh Miller Lake

      Marsh Miller Lake has activities to excite any lake enthusiast. Residents can gain a fantastic relationship with the lake and themselves while falling in love with their lake home.