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Lovejoy Lake - Round Lake


Lovejoy Lake - Round Lake, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Lovejoy Lake - Round Lake real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    • Counties: Sawyer County
      About Lovejoy Lake - Round Lake
      Located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin

      At 77 acres in size with a maximum depth of 24 feet, Lovejoy Lake is the place to be. Find your place at Lovejoy Lake today!

      Less than 15 miles from the lake is the 24-hour Hayward Area Memorial Hospital, and about 65 miles away from the lake is the Rice Lake Regional Airport. This remote lake is not too far out from town and has all the essential necessities of town.

      Life on the Water

      For fishing lovers, Lovejoy Lake is a lovely lake for all things calm water activities. Panfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye populate this lake.

      The lake is a hot spot for boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, and more. An excellent place for picnics, bonfires, camping, BBQs, and so much more!

      What’s Nearby

      The Wilderness Walk Zoo is about 15 miles from the lake and is the perfect place for all ages, especially families. The zoo has a petting zoo, safari tram, animal feeding, and beautiful sightseeing.

      There are plenty of great hiking trails with scenic views and easy-to-moderate walking and biking trails for hiking lovers. Big Bear Lake Nature Trails and the Trego Lake Trail are local favorites right by the lake.

      For fine dining, make reservations at Bistro 63. Definitely try their fresh catch of walleye and order a delicious cocktail at the bistro.

      Try out The Roost and the RiverStreet Family Restaurant for American-style eats. Both are local favorites, especially for their brunch grubs.

      The rustic Wild Mountain Winery is not too far from the lake, with stunning outdoor views and a grand selection of wine and snacks.

      Why Lovejoy Lake?

      Lovejoy Lake may not find you love, but you’ll surely be joyful! Find your place at Lovejoy Lake in a beautiful lake with plenty to do and see.