Lotus Lake - Osceola


Lotus Lake - Osceola, Wisconsin

Lotus Lake - Osceola real estate is regarded as a tight inventory market in Wisconsin for lake homes and lake lots.

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      About Lotus Lake - Osceola
      Located in Polk County, Wisconsin

      Nestled in Osceola, Wisconsin, sits this stunning 246-acre in size lake with a maximum depth of 15 feet. A calm, placid lake that will take your breath away- find your place at Lotus Lake today!

      The Amery Hospital and Clinic is about 16 miles from the lake, while the Minneapolis- Saint Paul International Airport is about 55 miles from the lake. Lotus Lake is a remote, off-the-grid lake, yet not too far from town and all essential necessities of town.

      Life on the Water

      A fisher’s dream is a quiet, peaceful lake with an abundance of fish, and Lotus Lake has precisely that. Panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike populate this grand lake.

      Other than fishing, locals and visitors enjoy partaking in kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, and more. Lotus Lake is the spot for all things calm water activities; however, it’s the perfect place for picnics, bonfires, and so much more!

      What’s Nearby

      About six miles from the lake is the Wilke Glen and Cascade Falls. Impressive waterfalls and accessible walking and biking trails for all ages. A natural scenic beauty with plenty of wildlife.

      Ten miles from the lake is the Franconia Sculpture Park, a large outdoor park with hundreds of contemporary works and art for sightseeing.

      For families with young children, definitely stop at Teddy Bear Park. The Teddy Bear Park is a city park with various fun playgrounds, a gazebo, picnic tables, and plenty of outdoor spaces for events and parties.

      The Watershed Cafe is a farm-to-table American spot with an outdoor patio right by the lake. For good American eats and even better drinks, dine at the Cascade Bar & Grill, serving late-night foods like burgers, pizza, cheese curds, and more.

      Rustic Roots Winery is 15 miles from Lotus Lake with countryside scenic views and a great selection of wine and snacks.

      Why Lotus Lake?

      Lotus Lake is the place to be, from its natural beauty to endless amenities and opportunities!