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Hudson / Prescott / R. Falls Area, Wisconsin

The Hudson / Prescott / R. Falls Area real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    About Hudson / Prescott / R. Falls Area

    Straight east of Downtown St. Paul, about twenty miles on Interstate 94, lies Hudson, Wisconsin, one of the most populous communities in this northwestern area of the state. At around 12,000 residents, the city has grown substantially because of its scenic riverfront setting and its proximity to the Twin Cities.

    With a population of 4,258, Prescott is located in Pierce County and is 30 miles away from Minneapolis.

    Equidistant from Hudson and Prescott and a few miles of the river's banks is River Falls, Wisconsin. The community boasts about 12,000 residents and is cut in two by the Kinnickinnic River, which is a popular trout stream.


    The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have traditionally belonged to Minnesota since their beginnings as riverboat towns in the early 1,800s. During the last few decades, the sprawling cities have grown new tentacles that reach into many areas of Northwest Wisconsin. 

    Prescott, Wisconsin, is a sleepy-looking river town that originated in 1840 because of its strategic setting on these busy waterways. 

    River Falls was first settled in 1848 by Joel Foster who was looking for business opportunities.

    Fun Facts and Events

    As you travel further south into the middle of St. Croix County and beyond, most of the lakes disappear in favor of inland creeks, small rivers... and the most famous river of all: The Mississippi.

    River Falls is the home of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls which is a public liberal arts university.

    Downtown is a blend of waterfront restaurants, marinas, interesting shops and core businesses, with most of the newer commercial growth just to the south and east of town.

    River Falls Day is an event in July that includes fireworks, dancing, live music, and a fun run.

    If you enjoy the riverfront lifestyle in historic towns like Hudson, Prescott, and River Falls you will have plenty of real estate options to choose from in this expansive area of Northwest Wisconsin.