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    • Counties: Sawyer County
      About Hayward Lake - Hayward
      Located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin

      Find your place at Hayward Lake! Right in the heart of Hayward, Wisconsin, sits this grand 191-acre-sized lake with a maximum depth of 17 feet. The Northwoods surround this cozy lake, and some endless opportunities and amenities await you at the lake.

      Two miles from the lake are the 24-hour Hayward Area Memorial Hospital and the Sawyer County Airport, putting Lake Hayward close to all necessities in town. It’s a prime spot for families or people wanting to find a calm and peaceful lake home to retire at.

      Life on the Water

      There are endless water opportunities at Lake Hayward. Locals thoroughly enjoy fishing at the lake and commonly catch northern pike, trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and panfish. There’s an abundance of Northern Pike, and one can even catch a northern pike that weighs over 100 pounds at this lake.

      Other than fishing, one can partake in boating, jet-skiing, water-skiing, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming at this lake. It’s a traditional Wisconsin lake with so much to offer for all ages, especially families.

      What’s Nearby

      For the perfect sunny day, Hayward Beach is only a mile away and is the local spot for swimming, tanning, and relaxing on the sandy beach. There’s even a playground for young children and a fishing pier for all the fishing lovers of Hayward.

      Henks Park is also a mile away from the lake and is a hidden treasure for an easy calm hike. You can’t beat walking the trails of the beautiful Northwoods.

      For an authentic American family restaurant just minutes from the lake, locals enjoy the Hayward Family Restaurant and the RiverStreet Family Restaurant. Coop’s Pizza is a hot spot for freshly hot cheesy pizza in Hayward, only a mile from the lake.

      Support locals and grab a coffee and scone at the Backroads Coffee Shop just a mile from the lake! Charming atmosphere and great hospitality.

      Why Hayward Lake?

      Lake Hayward is the perfect lake to unwind at and experience an authentic lake home lifestyle!