Deer Lake - Meteor


Deer Lake - Meteor, Wisconsin

Deer Lake - Meteor real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Sawyer County
      About Deer Lake - Meteor
      Located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin

      Nestled in Meteor, Wisconsin, you will find this 420-acre lake with a maximum depth of 18 feet in the boondocks of Sawyer County. If you’re looking for a remote lake home, this is the perfect place for you. Seven miles of gravel roads will lead you right into Deer Lake.

      The nearest 24-hour general hospital, Hayward Area Memorial Hospital is about 36 miles from the lake, while the closest airport, Amery Municipal Airport is about 75 miles from the lake. Deer Lake is the ideal escape if you’re wanting to move to a small town, remote location type of lifestyle.

      Life on the Water

      Surrounded by tall trees and full marshes, this beautiful lake is the place to be for a scenic view and wildlife. The fresh air and kind hospitality of locals make lake living easy. Many enjoy fishing and canoeing at this lake, common fish to catch include panfish and northern pike. Deer Lake also has boat access for the public.

      What’s Nearby

      The wildlife doesn’t end there, 30 miles from Deer Lake is the Wilderness Walk Zoo. Perfect for all ages, the Wilderness Walk Zoo has a petting zoo filled with baby goats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Make sure to bring your quarters so you can hand feed some of the animals!

      About 25 minutes from the lake is the Get Hooked Bar and Grill, open till midnight, your glass will never be empty with their good drinks and spirits. Grab a late-night appetizer there if you will. The Cedar Lodge gives you the perfect rustic cabin feel with delicious dining options and drinks, also only 25 minutes from the lake. Restaurants are a little further away from this lake as this is truly a little isolated destination.

      Only 45 minutes from Deer Lake is the Out of the Woods Winery and Tamarack Farms Winery. Both are in beautiful locations with a great selection of various types of wines and snacks. Make sure to try the cherry Moscato at Out of the Woods Winery while you’re there.

      Why Deer Lake?

      Deer Lake is the perfect lake for you if you’re looking to get away and enjoy remote lake living!