Crystal Lake - Watersmeet Twp


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Crystal Lake - Watersmeet Twp, Wisconsin

The Crystal Lake - Watersmeet Twp real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    About Crystal Lake - Watersmeet Twp
    Located in Vilas County, Wisconsin

    Crystal Lake Creek is Wisconsin’s little hidden treasure. The lake flows to the headwaters of the Wisconsin River and meets through the waters of Michigan. Surrounding nature and the picturesque town of Land O’ Lakes make Crystal Lake a well-worth destination.

    The King’s Land O’ Lakes Airport is just a short mile and a half away from Crystal Lake itself, and the 24-hour Aspirus Eagle River Hospital is about 18 miles from the lake, making Crystal Lake an easy location to travel to and from.

    Life on the Water

    The clear water lake may not have access for the public; however, it does have excellent fishing for those that live by it. Ultimately, this makes Crystal Lake an ideal place to buy land and build homes as it’s secluded and private.

    It’s the perfect escape for fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and all and all relaxing with close family and friends, or just by yourself.

    What’s Nearby

    Vilas County has a lot to offer when it comes to activities and nightlife, but the town right by Crystal Lake- Land O’ Lakes- is the place to go for endless opportunities and experiences.

    Biking, hiking, hunting, golfing, and fishing are just a small amount of things to do while in this town. If you have kids, you must check out the Storybook Garden- a park where kids can bring stories to life and have a magical learning experience. There’s also a long list of trails to browse through. From biking trails to ski trails to hiking trails, there’s something for everyone in Land O’ Lakes.

    Popular restaurants for locals and tourists include Asana Suka for seafood and Boathouse Grill and Creamery for true American food and ice cream. Brews Pub Bar and Restaurant is a hot spot for drinks and late-night snacks, or even just a lunch date. Support Land O’ Lakes local food trucks and grab a burger or tacos at RBA Food Truck.

    Why Crystal Lake?

    If you’re looking for peace and quiet in a home, but plenty of activities and adventure nearby, Crystal Lake is the lake for you!