Black Oak Lake - Upham


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Black Oak Lake - Upham, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Black Oak Lake - Upham real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Black Oak Lake - Upham
    Located in Langlade County, Wisconsin

    Black Oak Lake is located in Langlade County in Upham, Wisconsin. The lake is 53 acres in size, and the closest metropolitan city is Wausau, Wisconsin, which is 43 miles away.

    The closest airport is the Langlade County Airport, which is only 14.4 miles away. The closest hospital is Aspirus Langlade Hospital which lies 15 miles south of the lake.

    Fun on the Water

    Since the lake is only 53 acres in size, activities like boating or jet skiing at high speeds will be limited; however, swimming, fishing, and other water-based activities are still accessible. Fishing fans should expect to catch panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike.

    Bag limits for panfish are 25, while the bag limit for northern pike is 5. The size limit for largemouth bass is 14”, and the bag limit is 5.

    What's Beyond The Water?

    The area around the lake is home to several eateries and attractions for newcomers to enjoy. Immediately south of the lake is the Thirsty Bear Pub which serves sandwiches, drinks, and Wisconsin-style pizza.

    North of the lake is the Bass Lake Golf Course which has six different sets of tees, as well as junior tees if you want to invite your family. After the fun day of golfing, you can head farther north and check out either Billy Timbers Pub or Ruby May’s to catch some grub.

    Turning south, there are many restaurants on the way to and within the city of Antigo. There are many unique locations like Rev’s Windbreaker, which serves delicious pizza with glowing reviews. There is also Dixie Lunch, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with great decor and a classic diner aesthetic.

    Visit Wausau

    The city of Wausau is full of several great attractions and eateries that are sure to make the trip from Black Oak Lake worthwhile.

    In the heart of the city are several parks where you and your family can enjoy a great day outdoors. Tackle the mighty rapids at Wausau Whitewater Park, take a walk through beautiful Picnic Island & Riverside Park, or see a rock and roll show at the Isle of Ferns Park.

    The city is rich with culture, and many historical sites and museums capture this culture, along with other moments. These include sites like the Woodson History Center and the Andrew Warren Historic District among many others.

    The city is also home to a few art museums like the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, where you can see classic artwork and newer pieces all within a beautifully striking building. There is also the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, featuring an expansive garden full of sculptures alongside its indoor art pieces.

    As mentioned previously, the city is also home to restaurants with mouth-savoring food. Many of these restaurants have cultural twists, such as Ciao, an elegant Italian restaurant. Others, like City Grill, feature classic American cuisine of burgers and subs in addition to more high-end meals.

    Why Black Oak Lake?

    Black Oak Lake is a great location due to the number of attractions nearby and its size. People who move there can expect a great time and plenty of adventure.