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      About Bass Lake - Cedar Lake
      Located in Barron County, Wisconsin

      Bass Lake is located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The nearest metropolitan city is Eau Claire, approximately 60 to 75 miles away.

      The closest airport is the Rice Lake Regional Airport which is 25.5 miles away. The nearest hospital is the Marshfield Medical Center-Rice Lake which is 18 miles away.

      Life on the Water

      Bass Lake is a small lake of about 20 acres in size. This means that boating or skiing at high speeds will be limited. However, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing are still accessible. Fishing fans can be on the lookout for great catches like panfish, largemouth bass, and northern pike.

      What's Nearby?

      People who choose to live on Bass Lake have a great opportunity. The lake is right beside Red-Cedar Lake, which has plenty of unique attractions and eateries.

      If you are looking for a relaxing cabin feel, then Stout’s Island Lodge along Red-Cedar Lake has you covered. The resort also features food for your hunger and amenities for when you need fun.

      Other great places to eat are Cheers Bar & Grill at Tagalong and Cedar Lake Grill. In the north are more restaurants like Paul’s Pizza Den, Rustic Corner, and The Birchwood Cafe.

      The nearby city of Rice Lake has various parks that allow you to connect with nature. It is also host to an escape room where you can work with people to solve clues and prove you have what it takes to break out of the escape room while under pressure.

      One particularly funny attraction in Rice Lake is the Pumpkin Blaster, which is a massive cannon that shoots pumpkins for miles at the Rice Lake Pumpkin Patch.

      Visit Eau Claire

      Eau Claire is a great option for a day of a weekend trip, offering an array of activities and shopping and dining experiences.

      If you want to brush up on your logging trivia, visit the Bunyan Logging Camp, a whimsical living museum that brings the world of 1890s logging to life! Afterward, if you are looking for more ways to travel back in time, visit the Chippewa Valley Railroad, a historic 1880 mini steam locomotive. The train offers rides around the park, and the conductors are even dressed in 1880s style!

      If you are a fan of Victorian architecture, tour the Ager House, the home of the writer Waldemar Ager. The house was recently restored to its 1900s glory and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

      If all this touring has made you thirsty, check out the many breweries and wineries in Eau Claire. The Brewing Projekt and Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery are popular options, and the Eau Claire Brew Hop even offers tours of the city’s best beverages!

      For coffee and bakery lovers, The Living Room Coffee House and Acoustic Cafe are quality options.

      Why Bass Lake?

      Bass Lake is located in the great state of Wisconsin, which is home to the state’s beautiful nature and polite communities.