Mount Storm Lake

West Virginia

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Mount Storm Lake, West Virginia

Mount Storm Lake real estate is the fourth largest market for lake homes and land in West Virginia.

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    About Mount Storm Lake
    Grant County, West Virginia

    Located in northeast West Virginia is Mount Storm Lake. It is near the West Virginia-Maryland border, so travel to another state is simple.

    This lake is under 115 miles from North Central West Virginia Airport, 141 miles away from Dulles International Airport, and 44 miles away from Hampshire Memorial Hospital.

    Residents can shop at several malls under two hours away, such as Morgantown Mall, Meadowbrook Mall, or Valley Mall. Be sure to grab a bite to eat at local restaurants like Farm Up Table, Picnic, or Milo's Cafe and Restaurant.

    Life on Mount Storm Lake

    Mount Storm Lake is a beautiful 1,200-acre lake with warm, clear water and beautiful views!

    The lake is used for fishing, boating, jet skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing. Anglers can find largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, striped bass, and walleye. Each May, the lake has a black bass fishing tournament that is open to the public.

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    Premier Lake Living

    Those looking for a laid-back lake lifestyle with the convenience of the nation's capital will love to call Mount Storm Lake home.