Tourtleback Lake


Tourtleback Lake, Washington

Tourtleback Lake real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Washington.

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About Tourtleback Lake

Tourtleback Lake, Washington is a unique property that is situated on Orcas Island. Orcas Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands of the pacific northwest and is located in the northwestern corner of Washington.

This island is considered to be “the gem of San Juans.” The landscape is the perfect combination of arts, historic culture, forests, and lakes that all offer an abundance of outdoor activities.


Since Tourtleback Lake is situated on an island, there are only two ways to get onto it. The first option is to fly directly to Orcas Island via Kenmore Air. The second option is driving to Anacortes, where you can then catch a ferry to take you to the island.

Around the Area

There are a multitude of parks near Tourtleback Lake. Moran State Park is just 15 minutes away and is “one of the nation’s most beautiful parks.” Features of this park include hiking, biking, swimming, and even the experience of horseback riding.

There are also different grocery stores, restaurants, and bars that you have access to on the island.

Excellent Choice for You

If you are searching for a family home, full-time retirement home, or vacation home to relax and get away then Tourtleback Lake is right for you.