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Swift Reservoir


Swift Reservoir, Washington

Located in Washington, Swift Reservoir real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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About Swift Reservoir
Cougar, Washington

Swift Reservoir sits just east of the town of Cougar, about an hour and a half outside of Portland, Oregon.

The nearest hospital, Skyline Health, is 59.8 miles away, while the nearest airport, Portland International Airport, is 70 miles away.

Residents can shop at centers such as the Vancouver mall in Vancouver, Washington, and stop and sample local flavors such as Blue Collar Cafe and Crosscut Espresso and Deli.

Expansive Wonder

Spanning across 4,620 acres, Swift Reservoir is a very large lake with spectacular views and space for residents.

Residents of Swift Reservoir are privy to a lot of unique activities. This lake not only provides activities such as kayaking, hiking, swimming but also waterfalls and tucked-away coves to explore. Those with a flair for fishing can enjoy catches such as channel catfish, rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout.

Explore Mt. Rainier

Being only about two hours away from Mt. Rainier National Park, residents are allowed to visit and explore this beautiful area.

This park features marvelous sights such as Myrtle Falls, where visitors can enjoy cascading waterfalls. Residents can also visit Paradise for many different walking trails, waterfalls, lakes, and more.

Getaway to Nature

Those seeking to get away from busy city life and embrace the bliss of lakeside living will love calling Swift Reservoir home.