Rainbow Lake - Shelton


Rainbow Lake - Shelton, Washington

Located in Washington, Rainbow Lake - Shelton real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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About Rainbow Lake - Shelton
Shelton, Washington

Rainbow Lake is located in Shelton, Washington, around 30-minutes from Olympia, and about an hour from Tacoma.

Mason General Hospital is 5.2 miles away, and Bremerton National Airport is 24.6 miles away. Residents can shop at Capital Mall and enjoy a meal at Restaurant At Alderbrook and Suzan’s Grill.

Small Wonder

Spanning just eight acres, Rainbow Lake is categorized as a small lake, perfect for relaxation on the shore.

Lakeside Fun

Given its size, Rainbow lake has limited facilities but also features ample fishing opportunities. Anglers can fish up catches such as rainbow trout. There is also a yearly trout derby, with cash prizes for the best catches.

Explore Shelton

The city of Shelton has a lot of activities for residents such as Little Creek Casino and tours of Taylor's Shellfish Farm.

Delve Into Nature

Those looking to be surrounded by nature will love coming home to Rainbow Lake.