Lehrman Pond


Lehrman Pond, Washington

The Lehrman Pond real estate market is a limited supply marketplace for lake property in Washington.

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About Lehrman Pond
Located in the Far Northern United States

Located in north-central Washington, Lehrman Pond is the perfect place to leave the city behind. Many air travelers fly into the Dorothy Scott Airport, located less than a mile from the lakeshore.

The lake’s bordering town of Oroville provides grocery stores, schools, restaurants, banks, churches, and more. Seattle is 270 miles southwest of the city.

Escape to the Lake

Lehrman Pond is a small, calm body of water that is most popular for fishing. Its grassy shores are the perfect location for a picnic or birdwatching.

A small strip of land separates the pond from Osoyoos Lake that stretches 14 miles across Washington and into Canada. It is the warmest freshwater lake in Canada, having an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Anglers reel in smallmouth bass, kokanee, and sockeye from the waters of Lake Osoyoos. Swimming is a popular activity in its crystal-clear waters.

You can enjoy a day full of sun, sand, and water at the large lake beach at Osoyoos Lake Veteran’s Park. It is a great place to put in a raft, kayak, or canoe.

A Place of Beauty

Mountainous landscapes, peaceful waters, and a wealth of activities make Lehrman Pond a place you will want to escape to.