Lake Pateros


8Listings$150K-$385K$2MTotal Value
Lake Pateros, Washington

The Lake Pateros real estate market is a limited supply marketplace for lake property in Washington.

The average list price for Lake Pateros homes for sale is $299,000. Normally there are about 10 lake homes for sale at Lake Pateros, and 40 listings for lots and land.

About Lake Pateros
The Ideal Destination

Lake Pateros is an 8098.70-acre lake located upstream of Wells Dam in Douglas County, Washington. Lake Pateros is the ideal location for fall steelhead anglers and has plenty of fish to go along with its breathtaking scenery. Lake Pateros is surrounded by wildlife parks and nature preserves, adding to the beauty of this location. With access to grocery stores and other necessities, Lake Pateros has a prime location for all those who love nature!

Perfect for Fishing

Lake Pateros is a 20 miles long reservoir that contains a large variety of fish species. It is noted for having Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, and Sockeye Salmon. Still, it has so much more: Bridgelip sucker, Brown bullhead, Bull trout, Chiselmouth, Coho salmon, Largemouth bass, Northern pikeminnow, Peamouth, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Rainbow trout, Redside shiner, Signal crayfish, Smallmouth bass, Tench, Three-spined stickleback, Walleye, Westslope cutthroat trout, White sturgeon, and Yellow perch. Lake Pateros has three fishing docks as well as an extensive shoreline that is perfect for fishing.

Wildlife Parks and Nature Preserves

Lake Pateros is surrounded by beautiful wildlife parks and nature preserves that are sure to make you smile! The Indian Dan State Wildlife Recreation and the Central ferry State Wildlife Recreation are wildlife parks under 7.6 miles from the lake. The West Foster Creek Wildlife Area and the Wells Wildlife Area are preserved under 17.7 miles from the lake. Lastly, the Bridgeport Bar State Wildlife Recreation is only 0.6 miles from Lake Pateros.

Local Necessities

Lake Pateros has several local grocery stores, all dedicated to the community and neighbors. Brewster Marketplace is just 3.4 miles from the lake. M & R Supermarket Inc. and the Bridgeport Plaza Market are each under 7.8 miles from the lake.

Medical care is very close to Lake Pateros! The Three Rivers Hospital Emergency Room, Three Rivers Family Medicine, and the Confluence Health Brewster Clinic are all under 4.3 miles from the lake. For a larger hospital, there is Mid Valley Hospital 30.6 miles from Lake Pateros. In terms of travel, the Anderson Field Airport is 6.6 miles from the lake, and Methow Valley State Airport is 47.8 miles from the lake.