Halverson Marsh


Halverson Marsh, Washington

The Halverson Marsh real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Washington.

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About Halverson Marsh
Not Your Average Marsh

Halverson Marsh is in the western part of Washington, between the big cities of Olympia and Tacoma. While Halverson Marsh is near other smaller cities and other lakes, the marsh itself is in a secluded part of the state, which guarantees a certain privacy level for the guests.

The marsh is surrounded by Muck Creek, which feeds into Muck Lake to the north of the marsh. Other lakes are located in the near vicinity of the marsh as well. This includes Lewis Lake to the south and Lake Chambers to the north. Farther away from the marsh, and providing various activities to its visitors, is American Lake.

The distinct location in between Olympia and Tacoma also opens up a realm of other opportunities. Both cities provide a variety of venues and activities for those willing to make the trip.

What to Do

While the marsh is secluded, there are still various ways to get involved and get outdoors. With a creek nearby and other lakes, fishing and swimming are popular activities in the area.

American Lake also provides residents and guests of the marsh with an opportunity to escape for some outdoor fun. Fishing is popular on American Lake, with a strong reputation for catching a variety of large fish. The most common fish found in the area include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and kokanee salmon.

American Lake Park also sits to the north of the lake. This park, comprising 5 acres, holds numerous amenities for its guests. The park contains a boat launch, multiple picnic areas, beach access, and various playgrounds. Picnic shelter rentals are available.

Those looking to move farther away from the marsh for a day could visit the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. The park has an established reputation for being home to various plant and animal species, including birds and fish.

Golfers would also enjoy finding a home at Halverson Marsh. Multiple courses are in the grater area, with Eagle’s Pride Golf Course and The Home Course located to the northwest.

Enjoyment and Seclusion

For those looking for the right mix of privacy and entertainment can find a home at Halverson Marsh. While located in between large cities, the marsh is still far away to guarantee seclusion. However, those who want the option to get out and about can easily find something to do not very far away from the marsh.