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Haller Lake


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Haller Lake, Washington

Located in Washington, Haller Lake real estate is a limited supply market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

About Haller Lake
Big City Lake

Known as an urban lake, Haller Lake is to the north of the greater Seattle area. It is right in between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, with a few other lakes nearby. The lake has distinct advantages due to its proximity to Seattle. For example, it is only a 21-minute drive to King County International Airport.

Furthermore, The University of Washington Medical Center Northwest sits just to the south of the lake, providing reliable healthcare services to the lake's residents and guests. Other popular attractions, such as the Space Needle, are a short drive away from Haller Lake.

Haller Lake is close to many parks, restaurants, hotels, water bodies, and other venues, this gives Haller Lake the reputation of being a social lake.

Social Lake

Activities are aplenty at Haller Lake due to the close vicinity to a wide range of attractions. Whether an individual is looking for food, beer, or outdoor experience, the lake has something for everyone.

Directly to the east of the lake, across Lake Washington, is a very popular attraction for the area's residents and guests. Saint Edward State Park offers a truly unique experience for its visitors, with multiple ways to experience it. The park has a history, with the large brick building located on the grounds serving as a Catholic university for college students until 1976. It was financed by Seattle's first bishop, Edward O'Dea.

The park features over 300 acres of land with over 3,000 feet of lake shoreline. Picnicking is popular at the park, and kayakers of Lake Washington frequently pull up alongside the beach.

Golfers would also enjoy themselves at Haller Lake, with multiple courses nearby. Jackson Park Golf Course is less than a 10-minute drive away from the lake. The Seattle Golf Club sits to the northwest of the lake along the shore of Puget Sound.

A Lake to Call Home

Haller Lake is in a prime location near the water, Seattle, and plenty of venues and amenities. Fishing, hiking, golfing, camping, and much more are readily available for the Seattle lake residents and guests. Because of all these options, this lake can be home to any individual regardless of their interests.