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Gravelly Lake


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Gravelly Lake, Washington

Gravelly Lake real estate is regarded as a tight inventory market in Washington for lake homes and lake lots.

About Gravelly Lake
Parks and Lakes

Gravelly Lake is one of three large lakes, all within a short range of each other. With Gravelly as the middle lake, American Lake lies to the south, and Steilacoom Lake lies to the north. The lakes are just outside of Tacoma, sitting to the southwest of the large city. Gravelly Lake is a 37-minute drive to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The lakes are not the only large bodies of water-attracting guests from Gravelly. The Nisqually Reach lies to the west of the lake and offers a variety of water activities. While the lake is not very secluded, there are tons of attractions around it. Gravelly Lake is not short on the action from other lakes like the ones bordering it to many parks.

Gravelly Lake is also near military base Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Courses and Recreation

A variety of outdoor activities sit within a short distance of Gravelly Lake. There are many courses, parks, and other entertainment venues nearby.

For example, there are three different golf courses all close to the lake. The Chambers Bay Golf Course lies to the north of the lake. The Home Course and Eagle’s Pride Golf Course are to the southwest of the lake.

Multiple parks are within the vicinity as well, one popular attraction in South Puget Sound Wildlife Area. This park is 100 acres in total and offers a trail system for walkers and bikers. Deer are commonly seen throughout the park, along with other animal species.

The lake also gets the distinct benefit of being located near a large city and sharing in their amenities. With Tacoma nearby, the city provides a variety of things to do throughout its boundaries.

One of the more popular attractions to Tacoma is the art scene throughout the city. There is The Tacoma Art Museum as well as The Museum of Glass on display for guests.

Lakes of Plenty

Gravelly Lake and its two companions certainly provide its residents and guests with an ample supply of things and places to go. With fishing, hiking, watersports, art scenes, and much more within a short drive of the lake.