About Edmond Marsh
Center of it All

Edmond Marsh is a small body of water located southwest of Tacoma near Nisqually Reach. The marsh is in the community of Dupont.

The marsh is in the middle of multiple other large bodies of water. There are larger lakes such as American Lake, Gravelly Lake, and Steilacoom Lake to the marsh's east. To the west, the shore of Nisqually Reach is simply a short drive away.

Although the marsh sits in a developed part of the state, the area's natural wonder remains. Edmond Marsh is approximately 22 acres and is known to inhabit dozens of birds and insects.

Around the Marsh

Edmond Marsh is in a unique spot due to what is around it. On one end, there is Puget Sound, on the other are multiple large lakes. To the north lies larger cities such as Tacoma, while the south is natural splendors such as the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge.

Recreational activities on the water are popular in the area. While the marsh itself may not be known for fishing, nearby American Lake is a hotbed for anglers.

American Lake is large enough to suffice with its popularity and provides prime fishing spots both from the shoreline and water. Popular fish found in the area include kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, and largemouth bass. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife regularly keeps the lake stocked.

For those looking for sports, not on the water, there are multiple golf courses nearby. To the west of the lake is The Home Course. Farther to the southwest is Eagle's Pride Golf Course.

For those looking to spend a day away from the lake, Anderson Island offers a tranquil spot to see something new. Located in Puget Sound, the island is a short 20-minute ferry ride from Steilacoom's nearby city. The island is known for its pristine natural beauty.

A Marsh of Opportunity

Edmond Marsh is a unique marsh due to its location near multiple points of interest. While not very secluded or private, the marsh makes up for this by being rich in recreational opportunities.