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Doyle Pond


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Doyle Pond, Washington

Doyle Pond real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Washington.

About Doyle Pond
Water Access

While Doyle Pond is near Henderson Bay and Carr Inlet makes this lake highly accessible to water. The lake is located directly between two small towns: Sunshine Beach to the south and Wauna to the northeast.

The lake is a long drive west of Tacoma, far enough away for privacy and seclusion but close enough to civilization to keep people entertained. Most of the activities are present east of the lake.

Across the Bay

Doyle Pond is near the western coast of Henderson Bay and is close enough to the bay's curve that a drive to the eastern coast is possible. Across the bay, a variety of activities and venues await guests.

One of the most popular attractions in the area is Kopachuck State Park. The park is a day-use marine venue of over 280 acres.

The water, nearby island, shoreline, and beach all provide plenty of activities for the guests. Some popular beach and water activities include fishing, clamming, crabbing, oyster harvesting, and boating. Residents also enjoy bird watching, and wildlife viewing is also popular pastimes at the park.

For those who want to appreciate natural beauty, the Rosedale Gardens are also on the other side of the bay, within driving distance of Doyle Pond. They are known not only for their beautiful selection of flora but also for their outstanding service.

There are a couple of other parks within the proximity of Doyle Pond. Farther away, on the eastern side of Henderson Bay, is Sehmel Homestead Park. The park is known to provide amenities for people of all ages. Closer to the lake, just to the east, is 360 Park.

More than it Seems

While Doyle Pond may be small and overlooked initially, there is undoubtedly more to the lake than meets the eye. The vast amount of outdoor activities, water sports, and venues in the area make Doyle Pond a prime location for anyone looking to stay active. While privacy on the lake is an option, guests are never too far away from experiencing something new.