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Debra Jane Lake


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Debra Jane Lake, Washington

Located in Washington, Debra Jane Lake real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

About Debra Jane Lake
In the Thick of It

Debra Jane Lake is located to the southeast of Tacoma and placed just below Lake Tapps. The lake is northeast of the city of Bonney Lake.

Due to its location, there is plenty to do on the lake and in the surrounding area. Debra Jane Lake is in between Lake Tapps to its north and Bonney Lake to its south. All three lakes provide their residents and guests with activities both on the shoreline and on the water.

Due to its close vicinity to other lakes and cities, Debra Jane Lake reaps the benefits of being in a popular area. A variety of restaurants and shopping malls are in the area.

Getting Involved

Lake Tapps provides the residents and guests of Debra Jane Lake with the most opportunities to get involved outside of the house. The lake has multiple parks, a golf course, and access to a variety of activities.

One of the most popular attractions around the lake is Lake Tapps Park. This site provides camping, swimming, and boat access to its visitors. There are over 10,000 feet of waterfront access at the park. Other park amenities include access to barbeque grills, picnic areas, and a seasonal concession stand.

For those looking for more sport, individuals can go to the Tapps Island Golf Course. The course is complete with a pro shop and a clubhouse. The golf course is on the eastern side of the lake.

While Lake Tapps consists of a large majority of what to do nearby, there are still activities available on Debra Jane Lake. Fishing is popular on the lake, with a variety of fish known to be caught here. These include bluegill, largemouth bass, crappie, and trout.

Located just over a mile from Bonney Lake, the lake benefits from the city's amenities and venues.

A Lake High in Activity

For individuals looking for a lake with plenty of opportunities to get involved, Debra Jane Lake's strategic location makes it a prime spot. There are various cities, lakes, and parks that residents and guests' can visit, or if you are looking to take a day trip, there are larger cities such as Tacoma nearby.