Crumbacker Lake


Crumbacker Lake, Washington

The Crumbacker Lake real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Washington.

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About Crumbacker Lake
A Small, Secluded Lake

Crumbracker Lake is a small lake located in the far northern portion of the state.

Far away from all major cities and located in the middle of the mountains, the lake guarantees its visitors' privacy. The lake is far northwest of Spokane and far northeast of Seattle and Tacoma.

The nearest towns are a short way south down the Okanogan River: Keystone and Riverside. While they are small towns, they still provide some things to do for their guests. The city of Conconully farther west of the lake also provides guests with activities and amenities.

The lake is surrounded by nature, rivers, streams, lakes, and mountains covering the area. Crumbracker Lake's seclusion, combined with its natural beauty, makes this an excellent spot for those looking to escape.

Finding Your Way

Due to the lake's size and the location of it away from large cities, it would be easy to assume there is very little to do on and near Crumbracker Lake. However, for those who love nature, there is plenty.

Hiking, swimming, and fishing are all available within a short distance of the lake. The Okanogan River to the east provides excellent spots for fishing and beautiful sights for those interested in a nature walk.

The multitude of different sized lakes to the near southwest of Crumbracker Lake provides guests with access to fishing and swimming areas.

Residents and guests can also drive to Conconully to visit the Conconully State Park. Depending on the season, the state park offers a variety of park activities. In the summer, fishing, boating, watersports, and camping are popular at the park. During the winter, snow activities such as snowshoeing, dog sledding, and skiing are available.

Fishing is popular among all ages at the park. Popular fish caught in the area include smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon.

Privacy and Seclusion

Crumbracker Lake is the perfect lake to get away from the noise of the big city. Surrounded by different forms of nature and off the beaten path, the lake offers seclusion and peace.