Cohassett Lake


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Cohassett Lake, Washington

Cohassett Lake real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and land in Washington.

About Cohassett Lake
Western Washington

Cohassett Lake is a smaller lake located on a peninsula in the far western portion of Washington. The lake is part of the peninsula situated to the west of the South Bay.

The lake and nearby Cohassett Beach are historical locations for Westport, located to the northeast. Cohassett Lake is a short drive east to the South Bay or the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Although the lake is far away from any major cities in the state, it is still very active, with local inns and restaurants surrounding the lake. Furthermore, many parks, beaches, and nature conservations are located around the lake and on the peninsula.

Peninsula Life

Life living near Cohassett Lake mirrors life on the peninsula. The variety of local venues and surrounding parks and beaches give the area a distinguished atmosphere.

Local restaurants include Blackbeard’s Brewing, the Lighthouse Bistro, and El Rancho. Guests can also go for a drink or two at the Cranberry Road Winery. To the north of the lake, on the tip of the peninsula, is the Westport Light State Park, featuring the Grays Harbor Lighthouse.

Located just southwest of the lake, the famous Twin Harbors State Park offers a variety of activities. The park offers camping, beach walking, a nature trail, fishing, and more. On the western side of the park are the Westport Dunes.

On the southern end of the peninsula are two more parks: the Grayland Beach State Park and the Seashore Conservation Area State Park.

A Unique Opportunity

Life around Cohassett Lake offers a vibrant experience away from the big city lifestyle. For those looking for various water activities, outdoor land activities, and local venues, this lake makes a good fit.