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Clear Lake - Mt Vernon, Washington

Clear Lake - Mt Vernon real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Washington.

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About Clear Lake - Mt Vernon
A Lake with Surroundings

Clear Lake is in the northern portion of the state, east of Mount Vernon. The lake is approximately 200 acres with a max depth of 44 feet.

Clear Lake is surrounded by multiple bodies of water of varying sizes and forms. The lake sits just to the south of the Skagit River. There are also other lakes nearby, with Beaver Lake sitting to the south, the Judy Reservoir to the northeast, and Mud Lake to the west. The lake is to the west of two large bays: Skagit Bay and Padilla Bay.

The lake is also east of the Skagit Regional Airport.

Places to Go

Clear Lake’s residents and guests have various things they can do, thanks to its location near other venues and bodies of water.

Those who want to stay near Clear Lake can go to Clear Lake Beach to enjoy all that the lake offers. The beach is on the western side of the lake.

Farther north on Clear Lake is the Clear Lake Washington Boat Launch, available for users looking to get out on the water. Those who enjoy nature can visit Skagit Valley, known for its beauty. It is also known for its tulip festival.

The Cascade Trail provides its guests with the opportunity to take in nature while also getting exercise. Fishing is popular on Clear Lake and Beaver Lake. Fish that can be caught in the lakes include various trout species, catfish, and largemouth bass.

Lake Life

The location of Clear Lake and activities surrounding the lake give residents plenty to do all year long.