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About Cedar Street Reservoir
Unique Location

Cedar Street Reservoir, a smaller lake, has the distinct advantage of its location. The lake is in the far southwestern portion of the state, just miles from the Washington-Oregon border.

The lake is between two rivers: the Cowlitz River to the right of the lake and the Columbia River to the left, which stretches west into the Pacific Ocean.

Cedar Street Reservoir is also located in between two separate mountain ranges and another lake nearby, known as Lake Sacajawea.

Portland is a long drive south of Cedar Street Reservoir for those who need to get away from the lake. The closest cities are Longview and Kelso. Both of which provide lake residents with plenty of resources and activities.

Small Towns, Plenty to Do

Cedar Street Reservoir provides its residents and guests with the ability to seclude themselves from the rest of the state while also providing plenty to do in the surrounding area. There is the local Three Rivers Mall, a Wal-Mart, and a Target nearby for shopping purposes.

To the south of the lake is Lake Sacajawea, which offers a variety of activities and venues. This includes the Lake Sacajawea Park & Japanese Gardens, located on the shoreline of the lake.

Other venues in the area include the Longview Country Club and the Tam O'Shanter Park.

Fishing is popular in Cedar Street Reservoir. Fish that can be caught in the lake include Chinook Salmon, Largemouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout.

Opportunity for All

This lake provides plenty of opportunities for those of all ages.

With schools, restaurants, parks, and other venues within the lake's vicinity, those who choose to leave the privacy of a lake-access house in a secluded part of the state still have ample activities at their disposal.