Cedar Ponds Lake


Cedar Ponds Lake, Washington

Cedar Ponds Lake real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and land in Washington.

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About Cedar Ponds Lake
Snohomish County, Washington

Cedar Ponds Lake is a small, private lake near Monroe, Washington. Since the lake is private, access is given only to those who own one of the properties surrounding it.

The EvergreenHealth Monroe Medical Center is a little over 30 minutes away and the Seattle Tacoma International Airport is almost an hour and a half away.

Around the Area

Off the grid, Cedar Ponds Lake is perfect for wilderness junkies. There are several waterfalls nearby, namely Youngs Creek and Markworth Falls.

Twelve minutes away is the Alderleaf Wilderness College, nature and survival school, and outdoor education center. Alderleaf offers courses on wilderness survival, wild edible and medicinal plants, permaculture, wildlife tracking, and more.

A Private Paradise

Whether you’re seeking an exhilarating outdoor adventure or looking for a secluded place where you’re not going to be bothered, Cedar Ponds Lake is just for you!