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Bitter Lake Reservoir


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Bitter Lake Reservoir, Washington

Bitter Lake Reservoir real estate is regarded as a beautiful, but lesser known, market in Washington for lake homes and lake lots.

About Bitter Lake Reservoir
Bitter Lake Inspired

The Bitter Lake Reservoir, located north of Seattle in King County, is a small water body located within the city limits.

The reservoir gets its name from Bitter Lake, located nearby to the southwest. The water used to taste bitter due to a former sawmill that would dump trees in the area.

Like the lake, Bitter Lake Reservoir provides a variety of resources to its visitors and its residents. Unlike the lake, the reservoir has less water access but more access to parks and other recreation. For example, the reservoir is closer to a couple of golf courses than the lake.

The reservoir also provides access to a nearby hospital to the southeast, UW Medical Center - Northwest.

With the surrounding land being part of the greater Seattle area, the benefits of being near a large city are aplenty for the residents of Bitter Lake.

Sports and Parks

With its reservoir and lake, Bitter Lake is in close vicinity to multiple parks, golf courses, and gyms, providing plenty of exercise opportunities.

As aforementioned, the Bitter Lake Reservoir is closer to the golf courses than the lake. There are two nearby courses: the Seattle Golf Club to the West and the Jackson Park Golf Course to the east.

The Bitter Lake Reservoir Park is an excellent place for adults and kids to get some outdoor time. This park has perks such as a “fitness zone” featuring free access to various weightlifting machines.

Additionally, there are multiple other parks in the area. These parks include but are not limited to, the Bitter Lake Playfield and Northacres Park. Also in the area is Aurora Stadium, featuring a variety of sports.

More than a Reservoir

The Bitter Lake Reservoir represents and offers much more than just a small body of water. The reservoir provides its guests and nearby residents the opportunity to escape the indoors with exercise, nature, and many resources available.