Big Twin Lake - Winthrop


Big Twin Lake - Winthrop, Washington

The Big Twin Lake - Winthrop real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Washington.

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About Big Twin Lake - Winthrop
Location and Access

As you get near Winthrop, Washington, and travel up the sunny Methow Valley you will find the beautiful Big Twin Lake. It is located just three miles south of Winthrop.

Surrounding the area includes Big Twin Lake Campground, Big Twin Trailhead, Sun Mountain Ranch Club.

What To Do Around Big Twin Lake

Big Twin Lake is known for its family-friendly campground. The Big Twin Lake Campground includes tenting, RV hookups, rowboats, and paddle boats that are available for rentals. To make the campground more family-friendly, there are children’s play areas and a swim dock.

For those who enjoy fishing, the lake has a variety of fish to be caught! The lake is high quality and stocked annually with rainbow trout where there are selective fishing regulations that apply. Brown bullhead, coastal cutthroat trout, and coho salmon are found to be the most popular catches. There is a private resort with a boat launch on the lake.

The best fishing times are in the early spring. You can almost guarantee a big crowd on the opening weekend and few fish in the fall.

Another unique experience and unforgettable adventure around Big Twin Lake is The Morning Glory Balloon Tour. All guests are welcomed and invited to enjoy the early morning views of the mountains.

Scenic and Serene

Big Twin Lake is the perfect location for you and your family to enjoy various outdoor activities and take in the beautiful scenery it has to offer.