Big Lake


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Big Lake, Washington

The Big Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Washington.

About Big Lake
Secluded Mountain Lake

Big Lake is appropriately named, with the lake covering 512 acres of water. This lake provides plenty of privacy for its guests since it is between two mountain ranges.

The area settled around the lake is a historically rural community that has become popular within recent years. For those who like to shop local, Big Lake provides a small-town atmosphere.

Big Lake is southeast of Mount Vernon and east of Skagit Bay, settled in Skagit County.


The western coast of Big Lake provides users access to a boat launch. Visitors can feel free to use the launch to kayak, canoe, paddleboard, and fish. Other amenities include bird watching and wildlife viewing.

On the eastern side of the lake is a nine-hole golf course growing alongside the community. Named the Overlook Golf Course, visitors can play a quick round for a fair price.

To the southeast of the lake are two areas worth visiting for individuals who want outdoor time: the Tree Tent Park and a camping site. The Tree Tent Park has tree tents, tree houses, and nature trails for people of all ages. The camping site provides seclusion and privacy for campers.

With multiple lakes, rivers, streams, and bays in the surrounding area, fishing is famous. Fishing is open all year round for those interested. Popular fish caught in the area include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, crappie, perch, and largemouth bass.

When fishing on the lake, Big Lake's average depth is 14 feet, with 23 feet.

Big Lake with Big Potential

With Big Lake managing to be secluded from high-traffic areas while still maintaining proximity to Mount Vernon cities, it is an excellent blend of privacy and activity. The parks, golf courses, and camps present to the south, west, and east give lake visitors plenty of variety for their to-do lists.