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Barrett Lake


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Barrett Lake, Washington

Located in Washington, Barrett Lake real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

About Barrett Lake
Not Your Normal Lake

Barrett Lake is known for its odd shape, resembling a snake's body, that feeds into multiple creeks. It is a smaller lake, especially when compared to some of the other lakes in Washington State. The lake is located in the northern part of Washington, close to the Canadian border.

The closest city is the nearby town of Ferndale, which sits upon the Nooksack River. The lake is less than seven miles to the nearest airport, the Meadow Mist Airport.

Water Access

Residents can access Barrett Lake for multiple activities such as canoeing and fishing. While the lake may be small, it has been reported that sizable bass can be caught.

The lake is near multiple bodies of water, including rivers, creeks, and other lakes. On both sides of Barrett Lake, it feeds into Tenmile Creek. The Nooksack River, and all of its branches, flow into the north, south, and east of the lake. For those who want to go to other lakes, nearby to the southwest is Tennant Lake.

Multiple Parks

There are also four parks in close vicinity to the residents and guests of Barrett Lake. VanderYacht Park is on the Nooksack River to the east of Historic Downtown Ferndale. Star Park (Pioneer Park) is located to the southeast of Ferndale and sits alongside the Nooksack River.

Tennant Lake Park is to the west of Tennant Lake and the southwest of Barrett Lake. The park sits alongside a creek branched off from the Tennant Lake.

The large Hovander Homestead Park sits upon a bend in the Nooksack River, located to the southwest of Barrett Lake and just below Tennant Lake Park.

A Lake that Offers All

For those that want a fun time or those who wish to seclusion, Barrett Lake can be a good fit. With many parks nearby and outdoor activities to participate in, the more active lake visitor can get their fill. Barrett Lake also offers seclusion. Since the lake is not close to major cities, the lake provides a small-town feel.