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American Lake


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American Lake, Washington

Located in Washington, American Lake real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

About American Lake
A Lake with High Access

American Lake has access to nearby cities and also to other lakes in the surrounding area. The lake is located in between the city of Lakewood and Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Smaller lakes surround the area, like lake Spanaway, Gravelly, and Steilacoom.

American Lake is located in Pierce County and is the largest lake in the county.

The close vicinity to Lakewood allows lake residents and visitors to have access to the variety of food choices that the city offers. There is also the Lakewood Town Center that individuals can visit to learn more about the area.

With a military base nearby, there is a good hospital nearby as well. The Madigan Army Medical Center is located just off the southeast part of the lake.

Golfing Paradise

American Lake gives its residents and visitors access to three nearby golf courses. Northeast of Lakewood, Chambers Bay Golf Course awaits visitors coming from American Lake. To the west of the lake are two golf courses, The Home Course and Eagle’s Pride Golf Course.

Huge Outdoor Presence

American Lake and the surrounding lakes present plenty of opportunities to get outdoors. There are two parks in the area: Harry North Park and Lake North Park & Marina. Both of these parks provide a variety of outdoor activities with their lakeside beaches.

Fishing is popular in the area. Some fishing takes place on the shore, but most take place on the water. Fish that can be caught on American Lake include, but are not limited to, largemouth bass, sockeye salmon, rainbow trout, and smallmouth bass.

Other activities can also take place directly on the water. Kayak rentals are available in the area, and the same goes for jet ski rentals. Lakeside activities such as swimming and picnicking are available for residents and visitors.

American Lake contains multiple islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, for the adventurers looking to go off the beaten path.

Military Presence

With the Joint Base Lewis-McChord military base located just off the lake, American Lake maintains a sizeable military presence. Many of the residents and workers on the base choose to go to the lake when they are off-duty. These individuals frequently visit lake spots such as Summer’s Cove, located near the base.

A Lake with a Unique Experience

American Lake is not a secluded lake, but rather a place to be for various experiences. The nearby city of Lakewood and nearby military base of Joint Base Lewis-McChord give American Lake a unique mixture of people with different backgrounds.

With outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, and kayaking available to all lake visitors, an individual can almost find something they enjoy.