Combination Pond


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Combination Pond, Vermont

Located in Vermont, Combination Pond real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Combination Pond
    Rutland County, Vermont

    Combination Pond is located in the comfortable suburbs of Rutland, Vermont.

    The nearest hospital, Rutland Regional Medical Center, is only a mile away. The nearest airport, Burlington International, is 60 miles north.

    The city of Rutland has all of the amenities you could ask for in suburbia. There are multiple restaurants, like Mama T’s Country Kitchen, Johnny Boys Pancake House, and Village Snack Bar. Rutland also has great schools, department stores, grocery stores, and churches.

    What’s There to Do on the Water?

    Combination Pond is a local fishing fixture in the community. There is an annual fishing competition, the Combination Pond Fishing Derby, that is held for young anglers to have a fun day out on the pond.

    Reports indicate there is a healthy population of trout that are ripe for fishing.

    What’s Around Combination Pond?

    If you’re an avid outdoorsman, this is a great location for you! Rutland is surrounded by multiple state parks like Pine Hill Park, Aitken State Forest, Bucklin Trailhead, and White Rocks National Recreation Area.

    Skiers in the family will be ecstatic about this location as a premier skiing resort, Mt. Killington, is only 20 minutes away!

    Mt. Killington has lots of fun to offer, even when the snow melts. During the summers, visitors can ride numerous bike trails or go to their Adventure Park, which features a 4,800-foot alpine sled track, ziplines, and an obstacle course.

    Why Combination Pond?

    Families that are looking for a new place should look no further. This location offers all of the comforts of a typical suburban neighborhood, with all of the benefits of the great outdoors Vermont has to offer!