Gum Slough


Gum Slough, Texas

Gum Slough real estate is considered a limited supply market for lake homes and lake lots in Texas.

Gum Slough homes for sale have an average list price of $299,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    About Gum Slough
    Between Shreveport and Longview

    Gum Slough is located along the Big Cypress Bayou which runs into Caddo Lake, a scenic wonder on the Texas-Louisiana state line.

    The cities of Shreveport, Louisiana, and Longview, Texas are under a 50-mile drive from the water. Both cities are a great source of shopping, dining, lodging, and nightlife. Air travelers can fly into the Shreveport Regional Airport or East Texas Regional Airport.

    A Treasure of the South

    Caddo Lake of 26,810 acres is home to the largest cypress forest in the world. The bald cypress trees draped with Spanish moss create captivating landscapes unlike any other.

    Some of its trees are as old as 400 years. The area is internationally protected by the RAMSAR treaty so it will always be the natural wonder it is today.

    The Cypress Bayou, which is referred to as a river, creek, and bayou, flows for 72 miles before entering Caddo Lake. It holds Texas’ largest variety of fish, including largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and alligator gar.

    Boating, Fishing, and Relaxing

    Famous for its scenery, the Cypress Bayou-Caddo Area is a place kayakers and canoers dream of going. Though, it is traveled by motorboats of all sorts.

    If you would rather sit back while someone else navigates, visit Big Cypress Tours, Caddo Outback Tours, or Captain Ron’s Swamp Tours. Caddo Lake State Park has a well-maintained network of trails so you can explore the area on foot.

    When the sun sets on Gum Slough, it becomes a place of beauty and mystery. The ribbets of the bullfrogs, the hoots of the owls, and the rustling of the trees fill the night.

    A Unique Escape

    Boasting some of the south’s most unique landscapes, Gum Slough on the Cypress Bayou is the perfect location for a full-time home or weekend getaway.