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There are several lakes that tend to stand out as the main water bodies in different locations around the Twin Cities metro area. In the South Metro, that distinction goes to Prior Lake. At about 1,200 acres combined, between the upper and lower lakes, Prior is the lake lovers' playground for those who choose to live "down south."

Prior Lake is also the most densely populated of the southern lakes. Generally, you will find that the most desirable lakes end up with smaller lots because more people will pay to be on them. And Prior Lake does have its share of high-end real estate, but there are also many affordable options, from smaller lake homes to townhouses…and a large number of lake access properties. In fact, Prior is unique in the large number of lake access developments that allow you to live a block or two from the water, but still have a permanent dock for your boat.

Although lakes in the southern metro area are more sparsely scattered than some of their counterparts to the north, Scott County has its share. Spring Lake and Cedar Lake each provide over 500 acres of recreational waters and good fishing, and there are many other smaller lakes throughout the county that have barely been touched for development.

The county has a wide variety of housing, from its more densely developed subdivisions in areas like Savage and Shakopee, to the small town rural settings of communities like Jordan, New Prague and Belle Plain.

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  • Belle Plain
  • Elko
  • Jordan
  • New Market
  • New Prague
  • Prior Lake
  • Savage
  • Shakopee
  • St. Patrick


  • Campbell Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Clark Lake
  • Cleary Lake
  • Credit River
  • Crystal Lake
  • Cynthia Lake
  • Deans Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Geiss Lake
  • Hanrahan Lake
  • Hickey Lake
  • Howard Lake
  • Kane Lake
  • Lake ODowd
  • Lennon Lake
  • Markley Lake
  • McMahon Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Murphy Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Pleasant Lake
  • Prior Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Schneider Lake
  • St. Catherine Lake
  • Sutton Lake
  • Swamp Lake
  • Thole Lake

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