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    About Prior Lake / Lakeville Area
    Located in the Metro Area

    The Twin Cities southern metropolitan area features various waterfront properties, ranging from high-end to the most affordable.

    Downtown is usually no more than a half-hour away. Along with its many businesses, shops, and attractions, you will find the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, several hospitals, and the University of Minnesota.

    Prior Lake and its Surroundings

    Being the most desired lake in the region, Prior Lake is also the most populated. Though it is well-developed, a good portion of its shoreline still stands tall with trees.

    While boating the lake, you can spot multi-million dollar homes, explore small islands, or stop and swim at one of its many beaches. Sand Point Beach and Charlie's On Prior Lakefront Bar & Grill are popular hangouts on the water.

    For those who stay on the lake, the city of Burnsville is nearby, where you will find all sorts of city establishments: Fairview River Hospital, Burnsville Shopping Mall, hotels, and more.

    Fun Around Lakeville

    Lakeville's largest body of water is Marion Lake, covering 1,664 acres. Antlers Park Beach is on the lake's southeastern end. A day at the beach can be spent swimming, paddleboarding, playing volleyball, or lounging.

    Ritter Farm Park, West Lake Marion Park, Lakeridge Park, and the Juno Hiking Trail are around the lake. The city of Lakeville comprises many communities along with schools, restaurants, parks, and other typical city establishments.

    A Variety of Lake Property

    Many other lakes are scattered across the much smaller area but promising for boating, fishing, and swimming. In this region, you can live a relaxed life on the water while the city's attractions are just minutes away.